Table of Contents:
The Backwards with Cuzin' Waine Fromain
Backwards Theme Song
WNUB 'Randumb Radio' Odd-Cast : Listen to the Backwards of Maine!
What can Cuz' do for you?
Music by Cuzin' Waine
The Ol' Papah' Makah' The His'try of Randum' Radio WNUB
A Kid's View
Adult Humor and Backwards Justice Aunt Hazel
Great Nawthin' Legends Aunt Hazel
Maine Invenshuns
Wardens, How to Fool 'em!
M'Arthur Stewit Camp Cookin'
How to Survive Maine
In the Privy, and what have you with Hazel
Old Maine Guide : Fromain Family "Now & Then"
Romancing the Wood
Improving Maine Animals Geneticly at Home
Safety Inside Out
Backwards Exercise - Health & Hygiend
Backwards Invenshuns and Genetics!
Maine Indoorsmun' Beyond Backwards New Stuff Added:
Story Wipes: Painting ink-blot style by Cuz'

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